10+ Amazing Trips You Should Take in 2022


These 10+ trips are sure to be unforgettable, whether you’re looking for an amazing cultural experience, the ultimate outdoor adventure, or a luxurious romantic getaway.

While it may take a few layovers to get there, Cuba is still a country that must be visited. Its white sandy beaches are breathtaking and the water is crystal clear. Cuba is a paradise for island hopping, diving with Barracuda’s or just relaxing on the beach with your favorite Mojito.

Ernest Hemingway: “My mojito in Bodeguita del Medio, and my daiquiri at the Floridita.”

Whale Sharks are neither whale nor shark, they are actually the biggest fish in the sea, often measuring 8-20 meters long! They are known as the friendly giants in the sea, but they do not bite.

Each summer, hundreds of whale sharks visit Isla Holbox in Mexico to enjoy its plankton rich waters. You don’t need to dive, these guys can be scuba teamed with you! You will feel small!

Ski Week

The creators of The Yacht Week realized they had created something unique and decided to keep it going all year! The Ski Week 2022 will be held in Aspen/Snowmass and Powder Mountain. Ski Week brings together like-minded people from around the world for a week full of memorable memories, parties, snowboarding, and skiing with new friends.

Being whisked through the mountain valleys of the Canadian Rockies by a team of dogs might just be the most incredible way of seeing nature in its purest form. Banff’s dog-sledding experience is unique in Canada. You can either relax under a blanket or try your hand at mushing the sled.

The good news is that you can view the Cherry Blossoms from many different locations and at different times throughout the year. When the cherry trees bloom depends on where they are located and what weather it is. You can visit Okinawa in January, or Hokkaido May. This is a stunning sight to behold!

The capital of Switzerland, is a small, enchanted medieval city that you would think came straight out of a fairytale! You will be blown away by the view from the Bellevue Palace Hotel when you book a luxury stay.

This is the ultimate dream vacation for many. It’s possible to make it happen in 2022. Spend your days with the most majestic and largest animals on the planet, and then spend your nights under the desert stars.

Visit The Blue Lagoon

Iceland truly is a magical place with so many things to do and see that you can’t find anywhere else in the world! Iceland should be on every traveler’s 2022 bucket list.

The incredible natural wonders of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands are a magnet for adventurers and nature-lovers. The beaches are beautiful and clean, and they are home to giant tortoises and marine iguanas as well as the Galapagos penguins.

California Coast Road Trip

The Pacific Coast Highway is one the most well-known road trips in the world. The scenery is breathtaking, but there are many places to camp, swim in and enjoy the California sun. Although the drive can be completed in one day, it is best to take your time.

Patagonia reigns as one of the best backdrops for hiking, adventure and expeditions in the world! There are over 2,000km of trails, forests, lakes, forests, and volcanoes. The landscape is constantly changing will amaze you throughout your visit.

This heart-shaped region in Croatia, located just south of Italy, is popular for agrotourism as well as gourmet travel. For a unique gastronimic experience, head to Istria. Enjoy fine wines, honey, Schnapps and truffles.

An Indian wedding is unlike any other. The celebration can go on for many days. But, the music, food, and dancing create an atmosphere of fun you’ll never forget. Indians are warm and generous and will insist that you crash.

As If you think that boarding a yacht and sailing with 15 other yachts on the same adventure aren’t enough, The Yacht Week has launched a new route along one the most stunning coastlines in the entire world. Enjoy the beautiful turquoise coast of Turkey, with its sparkling waters and rising mountains.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the lesser-traveled countries of Southeast Asia as it was off limits for most travelers for many years. Recently, most of the country has been opened to tourism. These temples will leave you stunned!