Crayfishing in Sweden’s Archipelago


Sweden is known for its thousands of small islands, or archipelagoes. These archipelagos start in the far north of Sweden’s Lapland and wrap around the coast of the deep South, before reaching the west coast.

You can reach the beautiful west coast Swedish archipelago, which is located about an hour from Gothenburg. It is known for its beaches, fishing villages, and other recreational activities. I’ve been on the island of Lilla Korno, where most Swedish families spend their summer.

One morning I was invited to go on a Swedish crayfishing adventure.

I have to be honest, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I had heard that they were called crayfish and crawfish back home. However, I have never seen or eaten crayfish here in Southern California.

These little crustaceans are delicious and easy to find in the South of the US. I’ve known about them for years, but never knew they could be found in oceans. They are a freshwater animal in the US but they can be found on the west coast, Sweden.

I was so excited to try a new cuisine!

We filled the boat with frozen fish bits (yum!). We stocked the boat with frozen fish bits (yum!) and then set off to catch our catch-ofthe-day from crayfish pots (or pots, as they are called) that were more than 100 feet below sea level.

The rope ends were marked with large orange buoy-like buoys. To get the pots, we had to pull the rope up.

A motorized contraption took care of most of the work, and we soon had our first crayfish container above deck. The pot was full of crabs and crayfish that were bouncing around inside it. The crabs were then returned to the sea by being thrown into a bucket.

We had 19 little cray-crays left after we pulled all the pots out!

It was a great success

We baited the pots again with frozen fish pieces and then sent them back to bottom of ocean. We could return in a few days to check if we had caught any more.

  • Crabs are not allowed in pots as they will eat the crayfish.
  • Crayfish prefer to live on the ocean floor’s cold and muddy areas.
  • Crayfish, crabs and other small animals can pinch you. It hurts. It hurts. So, move quickly!
  • It is likely that you will get muddy and wet. [/li_item]

Although I feel I did more harm than good, it was a great experience to witness a long-standing Swedish tradition. The crayfish were brought back by us and we immediately set to work in our kitchen. They’re cooked the same way as lobster. We finished them in the oven with butter and garlic.

It was impossible to describe the incredible smell of the kitchen.

The meal was paired with organic, local wine and fresh vegetables from our garden. The table was covered with a simple tablecloth, and then decorated with fresh herbs.

What about the crayfish, The crayfish were so fresh that you could still smell the salty ocean water. They were buttery and similar to lobster, but just as delicious.