My experience skydiving in San Diego


A few weeks back, I took to skydiving. Although this was not my first skydiving experience, I must admit that my nerves were not the easiest.

I am terrified of heights, you see.

Crystal, a friend of mine, asked me to skydive with her on her 29th birthday. It was her first “30 before 30,” bucket list item. She was about to skydive for the first time and I was willing to take her along.

We signed up for tandem skydives at Skydive San Diego.

We arrived early to meet the men we would be jumping from a plane with at 13,000 feet. They are really good at making you feel more excited and less nervous.

Although the entire process of jumping feels blurred now, once you have gone through a brief instruction, you are ready to jump!

Red Bull gives you wings. Right? !

Then we were divided into groups and started our journey to the plane. Up to this point, I felt pretty good. My palms started sweating, and I felt a lump in the middle of my throat. I smiled, hoping it would get better.

To keep my smile on the day, I actually wore bright pink lipstick. It’s a trick I use when I’m afraid to do something.

I sat down in the plane and the engines began to rev but my heart pounded more loudly than the roar of the propellers. I felt fear sink in, and I looked at Crystal who was sitting right next to me.

We laughed as our eyes met. Before I knew it it was our turn, and we were off. Crystal and her tandem buddy, Crystal, tightened their straps. I lost sight of them once they were gone from the plane’s side.

It was then my turn…

We walked towards the plane’s door, and I just closed my eyes as I waited. We were now falling at 120 mph from 13,000 feet up.

It was an amazing, terrifying, and overwhelming experience.

Skydive San Diego is the best place to skydive in San Diego if you are interested in skydiving for the first or 100th time. The view from your fall is unbeatable.

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Activity: 13,000 Tandem Skydive

Company: Skydive San Diego

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