Spontaneous Weekend Getaway in Portland: Day 3

Spontaneous Weekend Getaway in Portland

If you are just starting to catch up, I am in Portland this weekend as part a campaign with Booking.com/Time Out. We will be sharing a spontaneous weekend getaway in Portland!

I was able to book a Portland hotel with just 24 hours notice via the Booking.com App and get the last room available at The Nines, a Luxury Hotel in Portland.

Now you are up to speed…

Today we spent only 30 minutes driving outside the city and ended up in paradise!

Wahclella Falls was our first waterfall and it was my favorite. Wahclella Falls can be found just one mile from the parking lot. It’s an easy hike with stunning views that is moderately strenuous. You could follow the creek’s path all along the trail, and you would see trees and boulders encircled in moss and brightly colored leaves.

You could hear the sound from the waterfall as you crossed the wooden bridge at the last turn.

There was enough space to spend the whole day. We were able take amazing photos of the waterfall because there were only a handful of people (literally, about 10 people) on the trail. Jen was visiting this waterfall for the first time. She said it was the most beautiful, despite having hiked to 20 other waterfalls in the region. I agree.

Oneonta Gorge was our next stop, which was one of the most popular waterfalls in the region. This stop was actually a mixed bag for me. While it was great to climb over fallen trees and wade through waist-deep water, it was also dangerous and overcrowded.

The first thing you have to do at the gorge, is climb over a huge pile of logs. There was a huge crowd of tourists behind you. Although we were all prepared with hiking boots, I have plenty of experience in “adventurous” situations. However, there were many people who were completely unprepared and tried to climb in flip-flops.

Above is a picture of the people climbing over logs. Just after I took the photo, I saw the woman with pink hair and her brown dog fall about 5-6 feet onto huge rocks.

So, I feel that I’m just saying “Please don’t bring your dog here.” Even those who were clearly outdoorsy and athletic with dogs (who I’m certain have been on many adventures together) were still unstable and their dogs were shaking in fear.

I don’t have any opinion on the safety of bringing small children to this country. However, I can say that I was horrified when 4 children passed me in panic, crying as their parents shoved them along slippery logs.

END RANT. Back to the falls now!

If you’re well-equipped and able to move, the gorge is a truly unique experience.

Multnomah Fall: Multnomah falls was our last stop. It is the second-largest waterfall in the USA, after Yosemite Falls. It is breathtaking and very crowded. It’s well worth the wait, and people are very polite about sharing photos!