Stay at Berns Hotel Stockholm


Stockholm is a large city, but it has such an unique charm. It is a unique European city with colorful buildings, great restaurants and designers. It is peaceful and rich in Scandinavian culture and history.

Stockholm is a wonderful city with many things to do, places you can eat and hotels to stay at. The Berns Hotel was my favorite place to stay during my last trip to Stockholm.

Berns Hotel

The Berns Hotel opened its doors in 1989. Its architects, Berns Hotel, were inspired by big cities such as New York and Milan. The hotel originally had 65 rooms when it was built 30 years ago.

It has been a popular destination for international tourists over the years and eventually grew to 82 rooms.

The hotel’s attention to sustainability is one of my favourite aspects. They have chosen to join forces with Green Key, an international eco-label. To be considered as a partner, they must meet certain sustainability standards.

It’s a hotel that you can eat, drink, and party in. Two nightclubs, 2 restaurants and 4 bars are available on the property. This is why people come here to have fun.

The rooms at Berns Hotel

There are now 82 boutique suites, each very unique, as I have mentioned. There are 8 options for choosing the type of room that you would like. These include:

  • Single Standard
  • Standard Double
  • Superior
  • Deluxe
  • Deluxe Balcony
  • Suite
  • Robert Berns Suite
  • Clock Suite

The rooms have modern touches and include free WiFi. You’ll love the Robert Berns Suite and the Clock Suite for the VIP Experience.

I stayed in Robert Berns Suite, which is more like an apartment. Beyonce and Lady Gaga are just a few of the celebrities who have stayed in this suite.

Food & Drink

Berns is a place where you can enjoy your morning coffee under the chandeliers, have cocktails in The Mirror Bar and dine like royalty in red velvet armchairs. Two restaurants are available for your enjoyment.

Berns Asiatiska offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first Chinese restaurant to open in Sweden was opened in 1944. Locals and tourists love the restaurant. The beautiful restaurant, complete with chandeliers, is also very popular.

Although it is not within the hotel, there is a second option right next to it. Calle P is a restaurant, bar, and outside seating area that offers a variety of menu options such as duck, sea bass and pork.

Bar 606 is a great spot for a cocktail and a beautiful rooftop location. The bar is closed during warmer months.

The Nightlife at Berns Hotel

Alright, alright. You want to hear all about the party, right? The Berns Hotel has done a remarkable job marketing itself as a hotspot in nightlife.

There are two nightclubs, NEU (Nightclub Entertainment Unit) and LE (Light Entertainment Unit). NEU is a nightclub that focuses on EDM, laser effects, and is open to anyone over 23 years old Friday and Saturday between midnight and 5 AM.

LE! LE! On Friday and Saturday, it is open to all ages and is open from 11 PM to 4AM.

Both nightclubs are known for hosting big-name acts that put on spectacular performances.


Your amenities when you stay at Berns Hotel include:

  • Room service
  • An in-room bartender
  • Minibar
  • Daily complimentary newspapers
  • Water kettle
  • A TV that can stream Netflix, HBO, Spotify and other services.
  • Get WiFi for Free
  • Magazines for free