Tips to conquer your fear of flying


Fear of flying is the number one reason people are unable to see the world. To be honest, I understand it.

Even though I have spent many hours in the air, my heart skips a beat every time the plane drops during shaky turbulent. Flying doesn’t need to be frightening.

Over the years, I have become more comfortable with it. Today, the majority of my travel time has become “me” time that I use for relaxation and disconnect. These strategies changed my attitude towards flying.

Are you ready to conquer the world? These tips will help you conquer your fear of flying.

Find Your Triggers

To conquer your fear of flying, the first step is to identify what you are afraid of. Next, recognize your fear and work with it.

This mindfulness will reduce your anxiety levels when you fly. This is a natural fear and many people share it.

Treat Yourself to a Sedate

Real! Nyquil is required for any flight lasting more than five hours. Going to bed is the best way to relax and make time go by quicker.

To avoid jetlag, it is a good idea to take sleep aids or herbal remedies like melatonin. This will help you to keep your schedule on point.

Sometimes, a simple glass of wine (or 2!) is enough!


Although I haven’t tried it yet, guided meditation apps I’ve used are excellent. Meditation is a popular practice that has been proven to be effective by many.

It’s worth taking a few moments every day to meditate if you are feeling anxious about your trip.

Look for a distraction

So that I can enjoy my favorite music while I fly, I always have noise cancelling headphones with me. A playlist of your favourite tunes can help you relax on a flight.

Turbulence is my fearful part of flying. I try to get through it and then I can relax.

Comfort yourself

Essential oils are a must-have in my bag. I love these little towels with relaxing scents like lavender.

Comforting scents such as familiar ones can be comforting. A warm shawl, socks, and silk pillowcase are all essential items I always have on hand.

I liken boarding a plane with being admitted to a hospital. Be prepared to provide comfort.

Change your mindset about flying

Consider the experience exciting, rather than frightening. Turn your fear of flying into excitement for the destination and all the adventures ahead.

Remember that flying is a way to travel, so keep your eyes on that.

To keep me sane, I sometimes just glance at photos and guides while I fly. You can also use the flight to catch up on all your favorite movies!

Learn how planes work

Research is a great way to overcome any fear. You will be less worried about flying if you are more familiar with the mechanics of planes.

Learn about turbulence while you’re at the same time. It can feel frightening instinctively, but once you learn how it works, it isn’t really so scary.

When I feel anxious, I find it very soothing to have a clear understanding of planes.

Fly often

Fear of flying shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world. Flying is easier the more you do it!

It won’t take you forever to get used to it. You’ll soon discover that flying is not as scary as you think.

Find Your Place on a Flight

It is a difficult task to find the perfect seat. People feel more at ease in the window seat, as they can see everything around them.

Some prefer to be in the aisle, while others are more comfortable. You can try different places to find the best spot for you.

Pro tip: A closer seat to the front of the plane will reduce turbulence and make for a smoother ride.

It can be worthwhile to upgrade to first or business class, especially if you are able to use frequent flyer points. You don’t always need to pay a lot for it, so explore your options.