Tips to Rent an ATV in Greece

Tips to Rent an ATV in Greece

There is nothing better than relaxing poolside on the sun-soaked Greek islands while soaking in the turquoise waters. What about riding an ATV around Greece?

It is essential to have your own vehicle so you can explore the hidden coves and wonders of this beautiful Mediterranean country. My self-guided ATV tour of Santorini was my favorite memory, even after many adventures in Greece.

ATVs in Greece are more than just fun. Although the picturesque seaside cliffs are part of the local charm they also make it difficult to drive in a car.

It’s clear that all-terrain vehicles are a popular mode of transportation for both locals and tourists. They’re also a great way to add some adventure to your trip.

Where can I rent an ATV in Greece?

There are many variables that you need to take into consideration when renting an ATV in Greece. Each island is unique, and demand and availability can be highly seasonal.

Oia offers a variety of options, making it easy to rent an ATV in Santorini. It was difficult to rent an ATV in Milos. Exploring during August was a difficult time because there were few options.

We were able to rent the last ATV from our rental agency and we saw everyone else being turned away.

No matter which island you choose, make sure to plan in advance.

Check with your hotel to find out if they offer ATV rental. You may be able to arrange for ATV rentals at small hotels or bed and breakfasts.

Plan ahead if your accommodation does not offer recommendations or vehicle rentals. It is a great experience to rent an ATV in Greece, but they do sell quickly.

What is the cost?

Renting an ATV is a great way to save money on your trip to the islands. Most rental places around the islands charge between 30 and 50 euros per day depending on the season or the model.

Shop around when you’re making a booking. I was shocked to see different rates from different rental companies located on the same street. You should do your research and not just jump at the first one.

Many people underestimate the cost of travel in Greece. You can have a luxurious Mediterranean vacation, but it is possible to travel the Greek Islands with just a little planning.

What size ATV should I rent in Greece?

You will see many options for quad bike rentals. You will pay more for a bike that is more powerful than yours.

I have found that smaller vehicles perform better on narrow islands paths, even though it is not something I believe in. Here, the reverse is true. Driving in the Greek islands can be difficult, so having more power can prove to be an asset.

Most vehicle rental agencies will rent ATVs starting at 150cc and ending at 450cc.

A 300cc model is recommended if you are riding with at least two people. The 425cc or 450cc models are better suited to islands with their dramatic cliffs.

I can assure you that bigger is better! It’ll be stressful if you have to climb a steep hill with a busload on your back.

Do I need an international license?

Before you leave, make sure to contact your rental agency. It is a good idea to speak with your rental company before you travel so that they know what to expect. You don’t want to be surprised when you arrive if you have to arrange things last-minute.

Before renting the ATV, we went to the dealer to obtain information. They were able provide all the necessary details: an International License. The good news is that it’s actually very easy to get one. It’s really easy to do.

These are some helpful tips for driving an ATV in Greece

Cover your assets first! ATV seats can heat up quickly. They are usually black, and in the summer it can feel as if you’re touching the Sun.

To make it less intense, we kept a towel on the seat. Even though we were only wearing our swimsuits for the entire afternoon, we were still a bit sweaty by the end. Be prepared if you travel during summer.

Most ATVs have a small storage box so you can keep your things organized. Make sure to bring plenty of water bottles and towels. You’ll need to keep hydrated and apply sunblock as the sun can be intense.

Safety of ATVs

It is easy to get into a relaxed vacation mode. But, be careful on the roads. As you would with any other vehicle, be mindful of the road.

There are many bend roads that don’t have guardrails so be careful. You can keep your balance around corners, and you can save your daring skills for the cannonballs at hotel pool.

It is vital for your safety. You risk your safety and your life if you don’t have a helmet.

It’s nice to let your hair flow in the wind, but it’s not worth it. There have been far too many people who were seriously hurt while traveling without helmets. Even if your driving skills are excellent, you still have to share the road with reckless drivers.

You never know what could happen so be prepared.

Get Insurance

Even the best laid plans can go wrong. Travel insurance is a great idea. This is doubly true if you plan to rent an ATV.

It was a hard lesson that I learned, but I now always have travel insurance for when I’m traveling around the world. Here’s why. When I travel abroad, I make sure that I am completely protected against any potential dangers.

World Nomads has been a great choice for travel insurance. I have also saved a lot of money by being covered.

Are you ready for an ATV adventure in Greece with your ATV? Continue reading to learn everything you need about Greece before you head out.

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